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No matter what your problem, no matter where you are,our teams of technical experts are just a phone call away. As long as you have access to a phone and internet connection, our highly trained experts can connect to your PC and fix virtually any problem, answer questions, or teach you how to better use your computer.

Web Design

We are a one of the leading IT firm who has been in the field of web designing, development,graphic designing, and digital marketing. We have a team of expert professionals, who with their innovative and refined ideas can help businesses to stand out from the rest. We can help our clients in meeting their goals and fulfilling their dreams very easily.

Highly Professional

Having a dedicated team of 34 vibrant and best-of-breed ITES-BPO Professionals with diversified skills set, our mature processes and robust methodologies enable us to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest levels of quality with greater customer satisfaction levels.


A customer relationship management (CRM) framework is fundamental to the achievement of any
business. Through precise information accumulation and reporting, a CRM arrangement tracks every customer communication by giving knowledge into their requirements and practices, and it keeps a nearby watch over the interest of your products and services.

Mobile,Computer and Laptop support

RK Technologies enables organizations to provide comprehensive support to and from nearly any device or platform, no matter where support reps or end-users are located. With RK Technologies, you can support smartphones and tablets with the same solution you use to access and fix desktops, laptops, and point-of-sale systems, servers, routers and more. RK Technologies offers the most comprehensive set of features for remotely supporting smartphones and tablets, including Apple IOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. With us, you can chat with users, help them configure their devices, transfer files, view system info, see the screen, and, on some systems, fully control the device. And Bomgar is the only solution to offer comprehensive mobile support without passing session details and access through a third-party, allowing you to say “yes” to supporting new mobile devices without compromising security or compliance.

Graphics and Animations

We believe that the first stride to the best work of art, be it a design, a piece of animation or any multimedia requirement, lies in the passion to imagine. We are equipped with a group of dreamers – our creative force, who are driven with the power of imagination. Well, why follow trends when you could create them on your own? Adhering to values like unparalleled team work, truthfulness, thirst for creative perfection and uncompromising quality, we have delivered a range of digital production & post production services – conceptual design, cutting-edge techniques and technology for production, architectural visualizations and corporate presentations:- on time, every time.

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